The Public Land Feeder

If you flip through an outdoor catalog and check out all the deer feeders or look online at the wide array of wildlife feeders available on the market, you will quickly see that there are more feeders available than there are days in the month. Some may argue that the market didn’t need another deer feeder. However, we decided to build a feeder like no other. The Outpost Feeder is truly unique.

Most feeders on the market are big and bulky. Heck, some of them are so large that they need large heavy legs to hold them up. Feeders like this are best used on private land in a location where the hunter can simply drive the feeder to the location they want to set it. The Outpost Feeder, on the other hand, was designed for the hunter on the go. The hunter who enjoys hunting off the beaten path in a place where he can hunt without seeing other hunters. The Outpost Feeder is a mobile feeder that a hunter can bring almost anywhere.

When filled with corn, the Outpost Feeder weighs only twenty-five pounds, making it extremely easy to transport in and out of the field. It is designed to be hung high in a tree and comes with a weighted disk and throw rope so hunters can quickly and easily hoist the feeder into a tree.

Because the Outpost Feeder is a cylinder and comes in green or grey, it easily blends into the forest and can be used on public land. We prefer setting the timer so it goes off once a day so it dumps about a pound of corn on the ground at a time. It’s just enough to keep the deer coming back to the area where we are hunting.

The Outpost Feeder comes with a carry sack that has a shoulder strap that makes transporting it into the field a piece of cake. After the feeder is hung, the carry sack can be used to transport corn to the feeder.

The Outpost Feeder is the perfect feeder for the hunter or wildlife viewer who likes to go where few will go. If you are in the market for a new feeder and you like to hunt deep in the woods, the Outpost Feeder is for you.