Feeding Wildlife

In the Midwest, we are having a REAL winter. There were several inches of snow on the ground in November and we have received several feet of snow in December. On top of all the snow is a hard layer of ice. Lots of snow and ice can make it difficult for wildlife like deer and turkeys to find food. The Outpost Feeder is a great tool for the hunter or wildlife enthusiast to use this time of year to help keep wildlife healthy.

It doesn’t take too many days without a good food supply before deer and turkeys start to starve. After they go a week or more without food and their bodies are stressed from the cold weather, many will die.

A small investment in a feeder like the Outpost can make a world of difference. The Outpost Feeder can be programmed to go off four times a day which will give deer and turkeys just enough corn to keep them going when the weather is extremely cold and food is hard to find.

In the winter, deer and turkeys often walk within view of a house to feed which can provide hours of enjoyment watching wildlife. The Outpost Feeder makes a great squirrel feeder for those who enjoy feeding squirrels. The chew resistant cap makes it nearly impossible for squirrels to break into the feeder so they can only get the corn that is broadcasted by the feeder.

Most hunters are constantly looking for ways to keep deer and turkeys on their property. Hunters are also looking for ways to help deer and turkeys make it through a hard winter. The Outpost Feeder can help you solve both problems.

The Outpost Feeder blends in with its surroundings unlike conventional feeders that are often an eye sore. The Outpost Feeder is great to use while hunting or to hang from outside the living room window. In either case, it blends in so you can enjoy watching and helping wildlife without having to stare at a big ugly feeder.