Feeding Wildlife

In the Midwest, we are having a REAL winter. There were several inches of snow on the ground in November and we have received several feet of snow in December. On top of all the snow is a hard layer of ice. Lots of snow and ice can make it difficult for wildlife like deer and turkeys to find food. The Outpost Feeder is a great tool for the hunter or wildlife enthusiast to use this time of year to help keep wildlife healthy. It doesn’t take too many days...

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The Public Land Feeder

If you flip through an outdoor catalog and check out all the deer feeders or look online at the wide array of wildlife feeders available on the market, you will quickly see that there are more feeders available than there are days in the month. Some may argue that the market didn’t need another deer feeder. However, we decided to build a feeder like no other. The Outpost Feeder is truly unique. Most feeders on the market are big and bulky. Heck, some of them are so large that they...

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